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Children's Session Details


Preparing for your session

  • Grumpy Kids don’t smile. Be certain not to schedule your photo session too close to your child’s nap or bedtime. 

  • Ensure they understand. Explain what will be happening and what is expected of them during the shoot so they are not caught off guard. 

  • Toys and Help. Bring their favorite toy to help make them smile and play with while not in the photo. Maybe plan a fun reward for good behavior or plan for what can be done if they are not cooperating. Some parents bring a grandparent to assist with the little one while the parents are doing a couple photos. Also, it’s perfectly okay to bring bribes to a photo shoot – given a stage and being the center of attention, it’s like our kids know exactly when to act their worst. Some cereal, smarties or other candy that won’t stain teeth can help a short photoshoot go by smoothly.

  • Clean, clean, clean – clean nails, clean hair, clean feet, noses, face, teeth, eye boogers etc. Your photos will look better for it, I promise.

  • If your child is still in diapers or pull-ups, tuck them in or wear bloomers.

  • Avoid colorful drinks or lollypops within 24 hours of your shoot, don’t let them eat or drink anything that will stain their face, teeth, and lips.

  • Wardrobe – For girls, you can’t go wrong with cute dresses, rompers, and dainty hats or headbands. For boys, jeans and polos or a button-up shirt, or a T-shirt with a button-up over it can be very cute, as well as overalls on the right age and personality. For siblings, the children don’t have to match perfectly, just coordinate. You can’t go wrong with dark, rich tones, which call attention to the face and expressions. If nothing else, pick a color that compliments your child’s eye color.

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